Nanny – Willing to hire Overseas or from Canada.

family looking for a nannyNanny who has basic driving skills wanted by family in Canada. I am a Dentist and a single mom age 40 looking for someone to help before and after school with my three children: boy 6, girls 9 and 13. We are active family also my youngest age 6 needs some extra support.

Driving: confirm in that you have some driving experience. A driving license is better but must have basic driving experience and we will help you to get license in Canada.

Typical Work week: my children are in school so typical work hours are Monday to Friday
7am to 10am and
2pm to 7pm total of 8 hours a day.
Kids are at school so you are free in the daytime. Focus is to help me to get kids off to school and then supervise them after school.
If i need you to work later than 7pm you will be paid overtime.

Please apply if you have min of one year of nanny experience with children, cooking and cleaning home, and basic driving.
Apply to put your Name / Driver Nanny / current country in the SUBJECT LINE

IF you are interested and qualified then email right away and then as you have time send resume, picture, key thing is introduce your self and your experience with childcare. Position is in Eastern Canada

Family will have an LMIA in 2 months and you will be in Canada by January 2016
Willing to hire Overseas or from Canada.